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A first date is a starting point in a relationship. Unless the two of you have been friends for a while and already know each other things can be a little awkward. To get through those awkward moments there are a few things to know that could make things a little easier.

First date ideas – suitable for Christian dating too:

Christian dating usually means that Christians are searching for others who believe the same way they do. The moral standards are hopefully high and like everyone else Christian are hoping to find someone who is kind, respectful, caring and loving. With that in mind here are some dating ideas.

1. Go some place light and fun like miniature golfing – This can be a fun date and the mood is usually really relaxed and you can talk to one another. You will get a chance to laugh and observe each other under the stress of embarrassment when you can’t get the little ball into the little hole.

2. Dinner date – Try not to monopolize the conversation talking about yourself. Be inquisitive. Focus on the person you are with, abstain from drilling the other person with questions.

3. Always be truthful. The first date is where you make your first impression so don’t tangle yourself up in fairy tales. If you begin telling lies you will be busy trying to track them all. You will screw it up sooner or later. No one wants to be with someone they can’t trust.

4. If you met online and are meeting for the first time in person (ladies) you should meet somewhere open and public. Have a plan in place so that you may leave easily if you become uncomfortable with the situation. Meeting online is a great gift from the Internet, but it can be dangerous. Abstain from going to secluded areas at night.

5. Don’t be late for your date and end the date on time. Give yourselves a chance to enjoy one another, but don’t over do it.

6. Lastly, don’t go for the long passionate kiss on the first date. Flags should go up. Why – how many other first dates has this person had this month and kissed in the same way?

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Online connections are made more each day as dating services increase on the Internet. Services billed “Christian” are also increasing. If you are a Christian you must be careful on these site. Not everyone you meet in these places are “Christians.” As soon as you can, get to the point with people you meet. What do they believe? Are they Christ minded? Many can talk the talk…