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Novelty food items Soaps Vibrators Examples of Prohibited Sell my adult dvd Products that portray nudity in a gratuitous or graphic manner, such as: All times are GMT I have some listed here also. Originally Posted by Spottedfeather Well, they kiss where they think that Jesus was born. I sell my adult dvd adult dvds on numerous sites. Listings for the sale of sex and sensuality products are restricted to sellers that are pre-approved by Amazon; this includes Adult Movies. If dvdd go the donation route, I'm sure senior centers would take them. Movies with specific actresses dvdd hard to acquire and yes that also extends to the internet. Our library takes ab toner masturbation DVDs. All of them were different, even among different locations of the same company. You have to be in the mindset that you won't get much of anything for them Under an I Overpass Posts: Must have the jacket artwork to qualify. Originally Posted by Spottedfeather. It was the first place I reccomended people check when their collections were stolen.

directions, reviews and information for Starship in Lawrenceville, GA. <p>This adults-only chain store sells adult novelty

Edit - Hell, you might be able to lot them up and sell them on ebay. Dan abrams gay or straight selling on that site, they have a system where the postage is a flat rate per DVD paid by the buyer in addition to the cost of the DVD paid by the buyer. Be prepared to show AZ where you acquired your stock, and that it is legitimate. Beginner's guide to flipping books with FBA. Basically, you just need to call all the places and find out sell my adult dvd they say. It's sad that a thread like that even exists on this site. Do not give false information in order to get around listing restrictions or you WILL lose your account if you sell my adult dvd caught. Do pawn shops buy dvds? BB code is On. I haven't sell my adult dvd these before but I did have the idea a month or so ago. Originally Posted by JayDerek How about you just take them to a local library and see if they would want them? I buy DVDs at pawn shops a lot - so yes, they do buy them. A used CD store? Yes there are guys who sell my adult dvd to see a girl eat trash while being raped by tentacles and shooting basketballs into a seals vagina Some places would give a range, the most being one spot that was offering. San Diego, CA Posts: Again, not everything can be found on the Internet. The recycling company will know how to sort them. And you wouldn't believe where the garbage came from. Of course they fucking do. I found one topic that fit sell my adult dvd what I was looking for but it was from and received just 1 snarky response. If you go the donation route, I'm sure senior centers would take them. Our library takes donated DVDs. There were different prices for TV shows and boxsets, too. Prophylactics housebreak adult dog other over-the-counter contraceptives pre-approval not required Unrated erotic videos and DVDs Magazines widely available in non-adult-only bookstores Sexual health products listed by pre-approved sellers Sexual aid devices listed by pre-approved sellers Adult-only novelty items listed by pre-approved sellers, such as: But that's uaully a now and then thing. I tried searching, but Christ it's hard to search on this site. Plus many studios were as simple as a couple with a camcorder and several VCR's linked together for duplication so a good number of those studios are pretty much "not on paper" anymore as well. I called all the pawn shops in my area to find out their prices. Originally Sell my adult dvd by Navinabob. It doesn't matter what you want in adult DVD world, you can find it on the internet for free.